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Cicle Internacional d'Influčncies Musicals (Barcelona):

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It's incredible how fast musical styles and tastes have changed during the las century. We've seen a liberation of the tonal system in occidental classical music and jazz, a constant ritmical enrichment, partly influenced by non western music like African or Indian.

The possibilty of electronic manupulation has introduced new concepts and sounds. Microtonal systems and refined sound concepts are introduced influenced by for ex. Indian music and instruments are adapted to this evolution. Musical creaters can very easily find their inspiration in any kind of music, more and more easily available in the form of recordings or scores.

Many musicians are influenced by and collaborate with other arts and the other way around.

The series is open to any good and interesting new music, improvisation, interpretation, jazz, electronics, multimedia, cross overs especially recently created projects are of interest.

We are interested in exchanges and colaboration with other innovative collectives, composers, soloists.

Artistic  director: Christiaan de Jong

orgaisation: PIIM (cultural association based in Barcelona, Catalunya)